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You are hired as NCR Azure Cloud Administrator. You are

You are hired as NCR Azure Cloud Administrator. You are hired to solve the challenge skill gap and lack of knowledge. 

Please recommend an open-source lab (ie. Google, Azure, Snowflake etc).  Write one page paper in APA format on how to solve the challenge and take screenshots of lab simulation from open source lab. 

Challenge # 4: Skill Gap and Lack of Knowledge

Though we are already aware of the severe shortage of cybersecurity skills that account for another Cloud Security Challenge in 2022, several organizations are struggling to find a skilled workforce to fill a variety of roles.

Identifying and hiring security professionals that can understand the cloud is another daunting challenge since most non-technology businesses and non-cloud service providers are competing for the same cloud talent pool.

In return, businesses should focus more on developing training programs to up-skill their current employees to help in this area.

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