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Topics 1. Suppose you never learn database and have no


  • Topics
    1. Suppose you never learn database and have no idea about database, as you need to manage your data, what will you do? 
    2. Why shall we use Database Systems? Is it a must or a good way/idea to manage/handle data?
  • DifferenceData WarehouseData LakeData StructureProcessedRawPurpose of DataCurrently In UseNot Yet Determined; more diversityUsersBusiness ProfessionalsData ScientistsAccessibilityHighly accessible and quick to updateMore complicated and costly to make changesFrom definition, both of Data warehouses & Data lakes are widely used for big data application and belong to high-level purpose of storing data. A data warehouse is close to as a repository to store those structured, filtered, or processed data for specific purposes. A data lake can be a very large pool/lake that stores raw data (but data has been collected through a lot of different sources and maybe not exactly raw data feed/input into the system), the purpose is then more close to not defined. 

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