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The text states that the United States imprisons “more people

The text states that the United States imprisons “more people for drug offenses than Western European nations’ imprisonments for all crimes combined.” (Hari, 2015, p. 109). Hari (2015) later quotes Anslinger as stating substance misusers “were criminals first and addicts afterwards.” (p. 141)

Finally, Hari (2015) describes a prison psychologist stating that many of the incarcerated individuals, who are there for drug-related offenses, are “from traumatized backgrounds,” and a prisoner reported that any dignity they have left “is taken away.” (p. 109) 

Based on your readings, and the information shared above, does it appear to make sense to solve substance misuse and addiction with imprisonment and violence?


Hari, J. (2015). Chasing the scream: The first and last days of the war on drugs. Bloomsbury.

  • Part III: Angels
    • Chapter 8: State of Shame
    • Chapter 9: Bart Simpson and the Angel of Juarez
    • Chapter 10: Marisela’s Long March

Keyhani, S., Steigerwald, S., Ishida, J., Vali, M., Cerdá, M., & Hasin, D., Dollinger, C., Yoo, S. R., & Cohen, B. (2018). Risks and benefits of marijuana use: A national survey of U.S. adults. Annals of Internal Medicine, 169(5), 282–290. doi:10.7326/M18-0810.


  • Initial posts should be 250 words in length
  • Using APA format, please cite and reference the text and include at least one peer-reviewed article to support your post

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