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The presentation should have a clear, attractive cover slide to


The presentation should have a clear, attractive cover slide to display the title “ENTR510 Final Individual PowerPoint Narrated Presentation”, your name, your professor’s name, and the date.

  • The presentation should include the following slides.
    • A slide summarizing the deliverable in bullet-point format
  • One or more slides briefly describing the entrepreneurs you used to address the assignment.
  • A single slide presenting your major recommendations for the problem adressed/solved, in bullet point format
  • A slide should summarize, in bullet point format, the strengths and weaknesses of the good/service based on what you learned in this Course Project. ( File below has the information that was used during the course) 
  • The presentation should conclude with a slide summarizing, in bullet point format, three to five lessons about entrepreneurship that you learned from completing the Course Project. (What’s App Co founder Jan Koum)

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