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The Forgotten Road

Reading a book (“The Forgotten Road”) and have a report of your own opinion on that book.   Have some research about Richard Evans (the writer). Try to discuss his personal life in your own words. However, you can quote from the research you’ve done, but be sure to use quotation marks for any material that you copy from your sources. Then, at the end of your quote, be sure give the title of your source in parentheses. This is the in-text citation you need for an academic paper. After this, the rest of the paper should be your o-w-n thoughts.!!!! You don’t want to do any more research. You simply want to explain why you are recommending this book for us to read… A. Biographical Sketch (1/2 – 1 page). Provide a brief sketch of the author’s life. Where and when was the author born? Was the author always a writer? Is this his or her first novel? What kind of writing has the author done? What can you tell us about the author that might be of interest to us as we read this novel? You will probably have to do a little research here, so don’t forget to cite a source for the information you provide. B. Plot Summary (1/2- 1 page). Summarize the plot of the story, but don’t give the ending away. C. “Your next novel should be ____” (3-4 pages) Here is where you look to the suggestions I gave above about plot, characters, setting, and theme. You don’t have to comment on each one, but ask yourself, Why did I enjoy this book? What was it that made it appealing? This section is the heart of your report. Have fun here as you convey your enthusiasm for your book to your classmates. Format: MLA. Include the Works Cited.!

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