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Social workers are responsible for implementing social policy within

Task 2: (word limit 500-600 words) This task will be produced in a short report format and the title of the report is Social Work & Social Policy.

The short report should include the following:

• Introduction (50-60 words) 

• Aims (25-30 words) • Main body (380-450 words)

• Conclusion (50-60 words) Social workers are responsible for implementing social policy within social work practice however, this can cause ethical and moral dilemmas for social workers. These dilemmas are known as competing tensions. Write a short report which explains the reasons for the following: • Explain the main characteristics of the role of the state in relation to social work. This should include an explanation of how social policy is implemented into legislation and how this affects social work practice (A.C. 2.1. 200 – 250 words). • Explain the competing tensions that exist for social workers regarding the implementation of social policy. This should include how social workers have to separate moral values and ethical values to enable them to successfully implement the social policy (A.C. 4.1. 180-200 words). The conclusion should be a summary of the main points used in the report

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