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Scenario 1 Susan is a teen volunteer at a local


Scenario 1

Susan is a teen volunteer at a local hospital. After delivering the mail on the 5th floor, she enters the elevator with several nurses. The nurses are chatting about Mr. Pilkington on the psychiatric floor. One nurse mentions his diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia and provides details about the delusions observed on the overnight shift. One nurse referred to Mr. Pilkington’s daughter by name, Sue Allen, and her reports of her father’s specific bizarre behaviors.

· A summary of the scenario

· Explain the standards of privacy, security, and confidentiality involved 

· Explain what laws, policies, and regulations were violated

create a 3 slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that analyzes each of the scenarios. All slides (except for the title slide and reference slide(s)) should have information on the slide itself, as well as in the speaker notes. There should be citations noted in your speaker notes when source material is used or references.

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