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Sample Papers

These examples of papers that were written by our professional writers will show you the level of research and quality of writing that you can expect.
Essay: The Omnivore’s Quandary
An omnivore has a variety of choices with regards to the food it can consume. However, by bestowing the omnivore with several choices, it is also presented with a dilemma of whether to eat a healthy diet or an affordable one.
Thesis: Knowledge Management
Business leaders are always trying to increase their stock of information that is used to improve efficiency and productivity of their operations. Information about customers, employees, competitors, external regulations, and industry trends among others is important in making informed decisions.
Course Work: Evidence-Based Nursing Practice
The term “evidence-based practice” (EBP) has echoed across the field of nursing and created strong ripples in education and science. The call for evidence-based health care quality is driven by need for improved treatment outcomes.
Admission Essay: Application Letter to Oxford University
I am applying for a PhD programme to the Department of Technology and Operations Management. I did my undergraduate and master’s studies in the aforesaid field. Therefore, I would like to pursue the aforesaid programme at a doctoral level so as to have that coherence of activities at all levels of academics.
Research Paper: Social Entrepreneurship In Developing Countries
Social entrepreneurship involves all entrepreneurial activities that are aimed at tackling major social issues and offering fresh and innovative ideas for impact on a wide-scale range. It is carried out ambitiously and persistently by people who provide diplomatic solutions to the most pressing social challenges.