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Role Delineation based on NP Competencies

The role delineation section allows the reader to identify how you will actualize each competency outlined by the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty (NONPF) and the AACN. It is as unique as each student. You may write a narrative and include supporting documents to highlight your activities. Ultimately it shows the progression towards the program goals. Essential Components of Role Delineation Examples /Supporting Evidence Role Delineation based on NP Competencies Narrative format plus evidence is required

1. Management of Patient Health/Illness Status Reflections on class lectures, discussions, clinical experiences, readings, assignments

2. NP-Pt Relationship Reflections on class lectures, discussions, clinical experiences readings, assignments

3. Teaching-Coaching Function Sample of outline of teaching rounds, poster, in-service etc

4. Professional Role May be evident in C-V, ,Proof of attendance at BON meeting 5. Negotiating HC Delivery Systems Attendance at Lambda Chi Meeting, Pri-Med, CMS seminar 6. Monitoring/ Ensuring Quality of HC Sample of peer reviews, quality improvement activities, Magnet offerings

7. Cultural Competence Article citation, Web References The Role Delineation Paper assignment is to be written using the 7 headers you see listed in the syllabus under the assignment explanation. As per what’s written in the explanation, you are writing this assignment from the point of view of how you, as a new advanced practice nurse, will actualize (i.e., represent, execute, do), each of the listed outlined roles. So each of you will have a unique view as to how you see yourself carrying out that role. For example, the NP/Patient Relationship.You might write that you may feel that it is important as an APN to establish a therapeutic relationship between nurse practitioner and patient in order to promote healing and to support or enhance patient functioning. You may then identify one or two methods of good communication skills, as you as the APN, knows that good communication skills and active listening make the difference between an average versus an excellent patient visit experience. Second example, Professional Role: you could write that in your views, the professional APN needs to be instrumental in taking part in policy making, and supporting health care policies or reforms. You could speak to the the importance of having APN’s in decision-making roles to ensure our professional voices are heard. Basically what you are writing about here are how you, as a future professional Advanced Practice Nurse see’s yourself actively carrying out/ implementing these 7 essential components listed in the syllabus under the Role Delineation Assignment (P. 13, syllabus). We know that you’re not a NP yet, but you soon will be. So if you were asked how you would envision yourself functioning and carrying out your APN duties in your advanced role, within each of these 7 categories, this is what you need to write about. Including APA format with structured headings, cover page + reference page, total paper usually runs aprox. 5-7 pages. Hint: You can use the course text book (Buppert. 6th ed), and any of your policy text, and/or first semester/year text re: Role of the APN to help you form your vision of how you would ensure carrying out these 7 categories.

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