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Required major headings in the paper include the following: (do


Required major headings in the paper include the following:

(do not number major headings and do not use Roman Numerals; headings cannot be larger than a pitch of 14.  Twelve pitch is preferred and they must be in bold type.)  Do not indent the first line of any paragraph. If you indent a sub paragraph the indent for the text cannot be more than 5 spaces and if numbered, the number must be at the left margin.

Do not use left and right justification in the text of the paper and references.

Abstract – bold font

Keywords– bold font

Introduction– bold font

Other major headings as needed– bold font

Subheadings as needed– use bold font

Conclusions or summary– bold font

References– bold font

Other requirements

Use acronyms when needed.  For the first use of an acronym, type the complete phrase followed by the acronym in parentheses.  For example, Bring Your Own Pencil (BYOP).  After the first use, you can just use the acronym.

Minimum of 10 pages single-spaced – not including tables, figures and references

Times New Roman 12 point

Standard margins – 1in top, bottom, left and right, do not justify the paper; no headers or footers

Do not use two columns as in the example article

In text” citations and the reference list at the end of the paper must be in APA format. 

Tables must be identified as a Table with a number and title after the table

Figures must be identified as a Figure with a number and title after the figure

If you did not create the table or figure, you must include an ‘in text’ citation so the reader can identify the source of the figure or table.

References at end must be in alphabetic order – see article from Week 1 for indentation format for the complete reference.  For each reference in the list, you must have an ‘in text’ citation in APA format.  If you do not cite a paper then do not include it in the reference list.  This will be checked.  In the reference list, the first line of the reference will be at the left margin and all remaining lines for each reference will be indented a few spaces just like this requirement has been done.  All references must have a URL which is a hyperlink.  I cannot verify the reference without the URL.

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