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Religion and spirituality

Possible Topics for Critical Analysis Papers

1. Child abuse, neglect and family relations (i.e. parents and children)

2. Religion and spirituality

3. Coming of age, maturation and adulthood

4. Rebellion and independence

5. The formal elements of the graphic novel These are just suggestions. If you are unsure of what you want to write about, I can help you settle on a topic. What I will look for in your writing: • Clear sense of purpose, focus on topic, and consideration of audience • Formal essay and paragraph structure

• Concise thesis that responds directly to the writing prompt and indicates that the paper’s overall goal is to conduct a critical analysis of some aspect of the graphic memoir. Thesis is at end of introduction paragraph. • Topic sentences that connect directly back to the thesis and that logically explain topic • Clear organization and flow of ideas • Development: support and concrete details within each paragraph • Integration of sources, with correct in-text citation. • Uses effective consistent, clear, concise style that is appropriate for academic audience • Attention to sentence construction • Correct MLA page formatting (see PowerPoint on Harvey), which includes using Times New Roman font size 12 and double-spaced lines • Evidence of proofreading and revision • Minimum requirements met: page length, on-topic, correct essay mode, submitted on time, etc. Here are some tips to help you meet the goal of this assignment: 1. Integrate SPECIFIC details from the texts to support your points. 2. Summary details must be used to explain/show how the text conveys its message. Avoid unnecessary summary details. 3. Compose a thesis that includes the specific aspects of the text being analyzed. 4. Use formal essay and paragraph structure. 5. Write clearly and concisely, in your true voice as an individual. 6. Employ correct MLA formatting and citation (in-text and works cited

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