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Project Management: Work Breakdown Structure

From the project topic document you submitted and incorporating any suggestions for improvement from your instructor, craft a project scope for your project. Your text has examples in Chapter 4. Include the following elements in the Scope Statement (this should be no more than two (2) pages: Name of your Project (from your Module 1 submission) Dates of Project (in month, day, year or mm/dd/yyyy format) Budget for project (use a $ to denote all monetary values in your project) Project objective (what your project will accomplish – briefly stated) Deliverables (measurable outputs from your project that occur over the life of the project) Milestones (significant events in your project) Technical Requirements (specific to your project) Limits and Exclusions (this is standard in all projects and they include limits to the project scope such as “fitness for use” statements) Review and agreement with customer (this is completed in a meeting and ends with all parties signing the document if they agree to its contents) Using the elements of the Project Scope Statement, create a WBS. This can be a simple hierarchical diagram created using the shapes in Microsoft Word.

Write a 1–2 page paper in Word format for your Project Scope Statement. Include a Work Breakdown Structure (size will vary – this is a high-level document, but it is based on the size of the objects and the size of the font selected could vary) of no more than 1–3 pages. Combine both documents into a single document with the Scope Statement first and the Work Breakdown Structure immediately after it on a new page spanning as many pages as necessary

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