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PE Teacher This week’s CAP assignment contains two parts. The

PE Teacher


This week’s CAP assignment contains two parts. The first portion of this assignment asks you to research and include three professional organizations that align with your career path. Part two requires you to identify the educational requirements associated with your chosen profession. Aligning with a professional organization is a great way to find information and network with other professionals in the field. Additionally, knowing the educational requirements will help determine the time it may take to get a job and give you a chance to begin seeking graduate programs if needed.


Choose 3 professional organizations that align with your career path.

Using Powerpoint, create a slide for each of the following:

Slide #1

List the organization and sub-discipline of Kinesiology with which they most closely relate (Ex: National Strength and Conditioning Association- Strength & Conditioning). Include the contact information for joining (phone number and email), a link to the membership application, and the fee for joining (students, non-students, professionals, etc.).

Slide #2

Briefly describe the professional organization, how it applies to your area of interest, and the benefits of joining

*This portion should have a total of 2 slides for each organization which means 7 total slides (the first slide should contain your chosen career, name, and date). Please see attached example.


You must research and identify the educational requirements and steps necessary to gain entrance and succeed in the career of your choice.

  • Degree Requirements: Determine the necessary degree(s) (BS, MS, PhD, DPT, etc.) needed in your profession.
  • Research and identify two schools that offer this particular degree. For each school identify the following:
    • Prerequisites: What is the minimum GPA requirement? Are there prerequisite courses? Do you need to take the GRE? Does the program require internship hours?
    • Program Units and Cost: What is the cost of the program? (cost per unit/credit)
  • Certifications: Identify two certifications that could help advance your position.

The written component of this assignment should include organized formatting, professionalism in grammar, and spelling. Additionally, you are encouraged to enhance the visual component of the PowerPoint slides (background, appropriate and relevant pictures, etc.).

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