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OVERVIEW Law Enforcement Agencies must be flexible and able to



Law Enforcement Agencies must be flexible and able to respond to societal demands. Leaders 

for social change advocate for police departments that mirror their constituents in terms of 

ethnicity, race, gender, and in other areas. This challenges leaders to develop innovative 

methods of recruiting and hiring. The final project will consist of three separate assignments that 

focus on identifying the need for a diversity hiring policy within law enforcement agencies. Part 

I asks you to write a problem statement, justify the need for the policy, and provide an overview 

to the policy components. Law Enforcement Organizations face an increasing struggle with 

hiring police officers. Additionally, there is a need to consider assembling a police force that 

resembles the communities that are being served. An increased focus on civil liberties, the rise to 

prominence of advocacy groups such as Black Lives Matter and police-involved shootings have 

all combined to create an urgency for law enforcement agencies to be responsive to the need for 

diversity within the force. 


As the policy manager for your law enforcement organization, please research the best practices 

related to diversity hiring and develop a department policy. This research should include 

interviews with your local law enforcement leaders to determine how they are addressing this 

issue. The Final Project: Part 1 – Policy Development Assignment requires you to determine 

the need for the policy, establish the justification for having such a policy, and presenting a 

statement of the problem as you would with any proposal. Write as if you are trying to convince 

your chief of the need for having a diversity hiring policy. You should also provide an overview 

of the policy components, a background of the problem, and basic goals for the policy. 

ï‚· Final Project: Part 1 – Policy Development Assignment should be 3-5 pages in length, 

not including title and reference pages, written in APA format, include an introduction, 

and provide at least two peer-reviewed references.

ï‚· Acceptable sources for reference include Liberty University Library Resources and 

police department web pages (for best practices). 

ï‚· You do not need an abstract for this assignment. 

ï‚· For the Final Project: Part 1 – Policy Development Assignment you need not include 

the results from any interviews with law enforcement leaders.

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