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NUR030-3: Quality and Safety in Health Care Practice

Assessment Task


“Produce a 3,000 word review of key literature related to an element of healthcare practice which demonstrates the need for service improvement in a clinical area (50%)”.




Learning Outcomes

This assessment meets the following learning outcomes:



Learning Outcomes:

On completion of this unit you should be able to:


Critically analyse local service provision and relevant literature with regard to quality and patient safety and identify an aspect of that service that requires improvement

Guidelines for this Assessment

Your review of the literature should:

Focus on a specific aspect of healthcare practice or factor which has an impact on practice and briefly explain how the chosen topic relates to patient safety and quality in healthcare

Explain the context in which the chosen topic is being analysed e.g. hand hygiene (topic) in the acute mental health setting (context), the recording of patient oxygen saturation levels (topic) in general medical wards (context)

State the method and strategy used to search for relevant literature

Include relevant policy, procedure, guidelines and research as appropriate background to the topic. The main review section should contain research and other primary literature sources. The balance between these will vary depending on the topic chosen but where possible preference should be given to research over other material

Focus on the most recent literature available on the topic

Contain headings that guide the reader through the review, from an introduction through to its conclusion. The structure given below under “Suggested headings” is recommended

Be correctly and accurately referenced using the Harvard system – refer to the University/Faculty referencing guidelines for full details

Be very well written and carefully presented.



Suggested headings for assessment 1

Title page (title, name, student number)

Introduction and aim of the review (Short, with a confidentiality/ethical issues statement)

            Problem, context and background literature (Short)     Search strategy and key words (Short)

The literature (Substantial) – 7 to 11 pieces of primary literature

Discussion (Short with a brief analysis on ethical issues found in the review)

                  Conclusion (Short)



Appendices (We recommend you include a data extraction table)

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