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MNC Management and Operation in China

Description Main research tasks: Study the basic principles of management and operation of multinational companies, and explore the competitive advantages of Chinese multinational corporations and their impact on international trade. Propose solutions to the factors restricting the development of Chinese transnational corporations. Put forward Suggestions or countermeasures to promote the development of China’s international business (how to operate efficiently in the international market). The purpose: Addressing the current situation of the rapid development of Chinese multinational corporations and the problems they face during the period, such as lack of innovation in business models, restrictions on trade barriers, low international influence, lack of advanced human resources, etc.; studying the situation of Chinese multinational groups in the international market to analyze the development prospects of China’s international business. The significance: By studying the development of the international market and the development model of international multinational corporations today, we can find out the problems existing in Chinese multinational corporations, then re-establish market order, and promote the development of China’s international business.

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