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Mini Paper(allen benedict court colmbia south carolina community ) The

Focusing on community around benedict college, there are a lot of history around benedict college around that community . The rubric is right below. Each mini paper involves a limited amount of data collection, analysis, and writing, and will serve as the basis for the Comprehensive Community Analysis paper.

There are four mini papers due, and groups submit all four to get full credit for assignment one. Mini papers follow the topics of the final Community Analysis and Presentation. Each mini-paper is approximately five double-spaced pages, and students follow APA for style and format. If your mini paper does not fulfill the requirements, the instructor will ask you to add additional information and resubmit the assignment. If you are asked to resubmit an assignment, you submit within the stated timeframe to receive credit for the assignment. The instructor sets the dates for submissions and does not accept late submissions of mini papers. The instructor provides substantive feedback to strengthen the final community analyzes and presentations.

Mini Paper #1 – Community Profile Get to know your community! Identify a geographic community that will be the focus of your research this semester. Include basic information about the community – community name, spatial administrative boundaries, physical location, and population demographics. Tour the neighborhood; report your initial observations and a brief listing of the assets (e.g., schools, religious congregations, community centers, businesses, community gardens, etc.).

Using sources such as newspaper articles, community newsletters, and secondary data (U. S. Census data), describe the history and demographic trends of the community and how it has changed over time. Identify significant shifts – for example, changes in racial/ethnic composition, population size, household composition, home ownership, employment type, crime, and income. Discuss what may account for these shifts. Include at least one table, chart or graph that compares two demographic variables (e.g., race and income) you create (not one you copy from the internet!!) from the Census data. Discuss this visual data in the body of the paper to support the claims you make. 

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