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M3D1: Invisible Wounds of War

 . M3D1: Invisible Wounds of War Module 3 Module 2 dealt with the consequences of war to the health of civilians. In Module 3, we learned the effects of war on soldiers and the health concerns they bring home with them. As part of our first activity we will discuss if and how mental wounds of war veterans compare to mental health issues of civilians and how mental health issues in the veteran population present themselves. Discussion Question The first part of the discussion question is opinion based so that you can begin the discussion immediately without having completed all of your readings. You will need to use what you learn from this module to respond the next part. Your initial post should be no more than 500 words, and your subsequent posts (in response to others’ posts should be no more than 400 words). 1. How do you think mental health issues in the veteran population compare to issues in a civilian population that has faced stressors of war? Now please apply your readings and your viewings to answer this next part. 2. Mental health issues of veterans have been labeled in the literature as “invisible wounds”. Why has this label been coined? 3. What are some of the challenges faced by the medical and public health community in treating and managing these “invisible wounds”? 4. Other than those discussed in the module, can you think of examples of at least 2 other hidden mental health issues? How do they compare in terms of public health significance to the mental health issues covered in the module? 5. Why has the topic of overall mental health of veterans become such an important public health issue?

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