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INITIAL RESEARCH PROPOSALImpacts of Improving Customer Service at Comcast Corporation


Impacts of Improving Customer Service at Comcast Corporation


Comcast Corporation is among the largest telecommunications combination in the world. Its headquarters is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States of America. It was founded in the year 1963 by Ralph J. Roberts. Since then, Comcast has grown into a global media and technology company. Comcast Corporation operates through Cable Communications which provides high-speed Internet, cable television, and telephone services to residential and business customers under the Xfinity brand. It is also a major player in the media and entertainment industry. Comcast acquired Sky Group in 2018, enabling it to offer television, broadband, and telephone services in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, and Austria.

This company is a many-sided combination with a strong presence in telecommunications, media, entertainment, and technology, both domestically in the United States and internationally. Thus, my role in this company is ensuring that it is known by the consumers of its products. I also need to ensure customer satisfaction and a positive work environment to all the staff. Ensuring employee motivation is key to my role as a public relations manager.

Importance of Comcast

Comcast is important for many reasons, especially by looking at its significant impact on various aspects of society, the economy, and the telecommunications and media industries. It operates one of the largest telecommunications networks in the United States and its infrastructure has a major role to play in facilitating communication, connectivity, and access to information for its consumers (individuals, businesses, and communities). It is also a major player in the global media and entertainment industry by producing and distributing a wide range of content, that entertains, informs, and shapes public discourse. This in turn influences the society and culture. It is a significant competitor in the telecommunications and media landscape due to its size. This competition gives rise to innovation, investment, and improvements in services and technologies thereby benefiting users.

Therefore, the importance of Comcast Corporation is due to its significant influence on telecommunications, media, technology, the economy, and society at large. It is a central player in shaping the modern world by provision of essential services, content production and distribution, driving innovation, keeping up competition, and digital inclusion promotion.

Problem Statement and Description

Improving customer service will result in higher customer satisfaction levels. These customers are more likely to remain loyal to Comcast and continue using its services. This will in the long run increase retention rates and thus more profit to the company. Presence of excellent customer service gives a positive impression of Comcast to its consumers. Who will be more likely to view Comcast favorably and recommend it to others, thereby boosting and strengthening the its brand reputation. Also, improving customer service will assist in addressing issues and resolving complaints promptly. This will reduce the number of unresolved disputes and escalations, leading to fewer regulatory interventions, legal disputes, and negative publicity, saving Comcast time, resources, and reputation damage. Comcast can optimize its operations and allocate resources more effectively by reducing the time and resources spent on handling complaints, resolving disputes, and managing customer inquiries.

In conclusion, improving customer service can lead to increased customer satisfaction, positive brand perception, reduced complaints, higher customer loyalty and retention, word-of-mouth referrals, market differentiation, and operational efficiency, ultimately benefiting Comcast’s bottom line and long-term success.

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