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 I need help answering the 3 questions in the assignment in the attachment.   CBM22 – Discussion

 I need help answering the 3 questions in the assignment in the attachment.   

CBM22 – Discussion

Hi Team!

I hope you are doing well, and the good news is you are about  50% through the coursework! Congratulations!

“Ok. Your students all showed up for class; now what?”

Management is usually one of the biggest concerns of first-year teachers. It is also a high priority for the Teachworthy program.  When I talk to teachers about their feelings of entering a classroom for the first time, many are nervous, scared, or fearful of managing 20-30 students all day, every day. They have fears (and sometimes dreams, as I did) such as:

Fear of being disliked. Fear of confrontation. Fear of doing a bad job. Fear of student disobedience and lack of tools to change the behavior.  So before we jump into the Classroom Behavior Management training, let’s share out on this discussion post any thoughts you have on your mind:

1. If you are a current intern or work as a para in a school, tell us your advice on what has worked best for you.

2. If you are not yet in the classroom, what is on your mind about classroom management? 

3. You are already a teacher in the classroom, what are the things working for you and what challenges are you facing?

Dr. Jim


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