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I need a script for the midterm presentation Subtopic: Relationship

 I need a script for the midterm presentation 

Subtopic: Relationship between immigration and disease, especially the

xenophobic and racist scapegoating of immigrants and their U.S.-born descendants. We want our classmates to understand that no pandemic, public health, or economic crisis, and no amount of fear, should give rise to prejudice and discrimination by any American. 

 We also want to examine why and how diseases disproportionately affected poorer communities (focusing particularly on areas with a high immigrant population) in U.S. cities during periods of large-scale immigration in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. We’d like to understand the events and circumstances that lead to scapegoating and investigate how higher infection rates among the poor contributed to the public’s perception that certain diseases were being caused or perpetuated by one specific race, ethnic group, or economic class.

  1. Introduce Subtopic / Mini Outside Research – 5min 
    • (Briefly explain) How did we choose this subtopic? How did we go from the main topic to subtopic? 
    • What is our subtopic (summarize above paragraph) 
    • Give outline of how presentation will run / presentation topics: “What we’ll cover today” 
      1. Goal of our Presentation: Explain to class that “no pandemic, public health, or economic crisis, and no amount of fear, should give rise to prejudice and discrimination by any American” 
      2. Subtopics / brief history of scapegoats
      3. Article 1: Name & 1 sentence summary
      4. Article 2: Name & 1 sentence summary 
    • Mini outside research on history of scapegoats — give a few examples of diseases that have had scapegoats, then explain that we’ll be focusing on two diseases / ethnic groups in particular (based on our two articles)
    • Refer to below articles that give an overview of the relationship to immigration and scapegoating
    • Articles you can consult for background info:  
    • (1) Immigration, Ethnicity, and the Pandemic:
    • (2) The Foreignness of Germs: The Persistent Association of Immigrants and Disease in American Society:


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