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Human Design (Historical, Cultural) Aspects

d Year Architecture), date, class, instructor, nice image representing the project (not included in 4 written minimum pages) ● Formal Outline of paper ● Mention why you chose the particular case study areas ● Summary of case study area’s regions using mostly primary sources (census report data) and secondary sources with good reputations (journaled articles/architecture books) ● Details of design: layout, features, local materials used, alternative forms of energy ● Environmental concerns: climate, hazardous natural elements ● Justification of your design speaking to human/environmental elements, practicality/function, sustainability 4 Renderings must include: ● Views- All 4 exterior sides of structure, 1 exterior birds-eye view of entire layout; interior floor plan. Use labels when appropriate. Grading based on (1-10): ● Quality of Write-up (Spelling, grammar, logic) ● Demonstration of Critical Thought skills ● Wealth of background information about global case studies with attention to environment, history and demographics ● Sustainable design: local materials, alternative forms of energy ● Environmental Concerns: climate, hazardous natural elements ● Human Design (Historical, Cultural) Aspects ● Aesthetics/Detail ● Originality/Function/Innovation ● Quality of Screenshots ● Quality of Renderings

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