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Although I will not shy away from disclosing my views and position on different political topics, my intention is not to make you more liberal and less conservative, or less Republican or more Democrat.

My goal is to encourage you to think critically, to question your own positions, to question the positions or policies of the government officials, whether you vote for them or not, and to engage in respectful and fruitful conversation with those who you disagree with!

Ability to think critically, to question and examine any topic and search for the truth although if such truth is unpleasant and uncomfortable is the primary goal of this class regarding the topic of responsible citizenship.

Democracy depends on our individual ability to think critically while holding our representatives accountable for their words and deeds!

If we forgive our elected officials just because they are ours, they will have no incentives nor reason to act responsibly.

After attentively watching the assigned Ted Talk by Julia Galef: “Why you think you’re right even if you’re wrong”, please answer the following questions:

  1.  Explain, in your own words, how the author answered this intriguing question from the Ted Talk Title: Why do you think you are right even if you are wrong?
  2. Can you recall any situation in which you acted in line with the scout mindset?

In other words, did you ever question or reexamine a certain political position, policy or idea even if such action threatened to disturb your own established beliefs and brought accusation  and misunderstanding from your own surroundings, friends, family, or community ?

  1. Compare and contrast scout mindset vs soldier mindset.

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