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HLTH INFO SVRCS ADMINISTRATION There is the link below please

                                     HLTH INFO SVRCS ADMINISTRATION

There is the link below please click and check, and also it requires a power point so if you have any questions let me know thanks 

1. Describe and give examples of Theory X, and Theory Y working environments. 

2.  Read the following article  and chapter 10 regarding Unions. Write a recommendation of why you think unions are still important. (Links to an external site.)

3. Analyze the differences between the motivation-hygiene theory of Herzberg and Maslow’s theory. 

4. After reading the Diversity section in Chapter 9, create a PowerPoint presentation with voice over and training materials to teach a lesson on workforce/cultural diversity in healthcare.

 GUIDE: link below

The How And Why Of Building A Diverse Workforce (Links to an external site.)

Managing Diversity In The Workplace: Age, Language And Culture

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