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For this third project of the class, you have accepted

For this third project of the class, you have accepted the role as an international event organizer for a sporting event in Beijing, China, Macedonia, Delhi, India, or Dubai, UAE. This event will take place in June of next year.

You can select from a youth basketball tournament, adult recreation tennis tournament, college soccer tournament, or professional table tennis tournament. You are the director and will be bringing five (5) teams from the US to compete against local teams. You are in charge of the entire event, and must outline all arrangements including but not
limited to:
Location: what facility will you use to host the event, where is it located, who do you contact to reserve this facility, can we see it on Google earth?
Accommodation: cost, room availability, distance to tourney site
Transportation: Everyone will be traveling from Miami International Airport. Onsite transportation, costs, distances travel times
Food onsite: where will athletes eat, western food in the area?
Cultural concerns: identify local cultural do’s and don’t’s so you can prepare your teams for their interactions with locals, potential gifts for local teams, local customs, and local no-no’s
Money: you should include a practical budget, and include exchange rates in your report
Packing lists that reflect the local weather conditions, and cultures
Tournament format: how will a winner be decided, what will they win, how many referees are needed, where do we find them?

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