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Film from ubu web

The thesis should be marked with an * one is to choose a film off of make sure to copy and paste the url of the exact page the film is on so for future projects it is only one click away. just highlight, copy and paste the url on top of the page. For your research paper, one of the pedagogical aims is for you to grapple with something new or unusual, also known as ‘avant-garde’ – a piece of art, a sound piece, a video, or a piece of text, etc. and incorporate it into your research as an important part of your argumentative strategy. This is in the spirit of UbuWeb’s own stated purpose: “With video, sound, and text remaining more faithful to the original experience than, say, painting or sculpture, Ubu proposes a different sort of revisionist art history, one based on the peripheries of artistic production rather than on the perceived, or market-based, center.” (ref: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. ) Essentially, the research paper is an open topic; the only requirement is that you incorporate and use, with the purpose to grapple with something new or unusual, something that is “vociferously anti-institutional, eminently fluid, refusing to bow to demands other than what we happen to be moved by at a specific moment.” Simply pick a piece from Ubuweb, found here: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., and incorporate it into your research paper. UbuWeb is the only repository of the future looking, or avant garde, online, and as well, it hopes to “offer an alternative by invoking a gift economy of plentitude with a strong emphasis on global education.” In essence, it has been created in opposition to economies of scarcity, and forwards an anti-capitalist platform for artistic production and consumption. For the first part of your research paper, you will write a preliminary analysis/abstract. In no more than 350 words write an initial thesis that narrows the field of your research. What is your impression about the piece you have chosen and what will you be questioning/researching in your paper (thesis or claim)? How is it symptomatic of a broader topic you would like to explore? How will you go about your research and analysis? Why is this piece/topic important to you?

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