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Ethical Dilemma: Is Abortion Ethical or Unethical My stance “Abortion


Ethical Dilemma: Is Abortion Ethical or Unethical

My stance “Abortion is Ethical”

The objective is to present a thorough analysis that demonstrates your understanding of facts relevant to the dilemma and the ethical issues involved. Please be sure to include relevant research to support these facts and ethical issues. You must arrive at an ethical solution and demonstrate the reasons that support your decision. You should identify aspects of the dilemma that constitute deontological, teleological, natural law, consequentialism, and any other systems of ethical reasoning.


· Introduction

o Company or Organization background information

o Description of the Dilemma

o Why is it important for you to choose an ethical course of action? What will happen if no action is taken?

· Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma – Facts and Information

o What is the most important information and facts that we need to know in order to decide this issue? [research required to support information and facts]

o Who are the people or institutions that have a stake in the outcome of this issue, and how will they be affected by the decision? Please use just two stakeholders – 1 person and 1 institution. 

· Analysis of the Ethical Dilemma – Duties and Obligation

o What duties or obligations would someone need to fulfill in order to behave ethically in this situation? Is there a conflict among these duties? Please use just two – 2 duties and 2 obligations. [your written professional code of ethics statement should be in this section]

· Recommendation

o Includes your personal choice or recommendation with a full explanation and anticipated outcomes. [your personal values should be obvious in this section]

o What will be the consequences for all interested parties if one course of action is chosen rather than another? [your alternatives should be obvious in this section] This section must relate to the stakeholders – who will gain or lose based on the course of action taken. 

· Conclusion

o What do you believe is the proper resolution of this issue? Why is that necessary and justifiable in order to resolve the issue? [include any government regulation, laws, or societal issues here]

o What could have been done to avoid this situation? How can it be avoided in the future?

This should be 10 pages. Use clear headings that match the main and sub-bullets provided above in this exact order. This assignment must follow the APA style. Please include at least 8 references and have all references with links.

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