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Enviornmental politics and policy

Book review essay on the book Environmental Politics and Policy by Walter A. Rosenbaum. Book reviews must be 4 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins all around, and in a plain font (like Times New Roman) no larger than 12. Sentences must be complete, short, and clear. Every sentence must have a subject, a verb, and a direct object. Sentences have action! Each sentence should deal with one idea at a time. Paragraphs must be of at least three, but not more than seven, sentences in length. Each must be efficiently organized around one thought or idea. All paragraphs must be organized as an outline of the written product.

Think of paragraphs as ways of giving the reader a sense of direction, as well as points of rest. The first paragraph must clearly reference the title of the book and the full name of the author, the author’s theme, and your own thesis about the book. The body of your review must start by summarizing the work previously done by the author (if any). It should indicate the importance of the topic to the field (You can find all of this in book flaps or publisher’s notes, in the author’s introduction, or in professional reviews by others). It should restate a thesis or argument about the work in greater detail. All of this can go into a brief second paragraph. In several paragraphs, provide a brief overview of the structure of the book and a summary of its contents. Each paragraph must summarize a section or part of the book, and discuss its relation to the others, before and after. After this, restate your thesis and provide your assessment of the work (key strengths and weaknesses).

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