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Research Essay: Chemistry of Dyeing。Write a 4-5 page essay (double spaced, 10-12 point font) on the chemistry of the dyeing process. Include discussions of the following: – a general description of how dyeing occurs at the molecular level- why dyeing with and without a mordant produces a different colour- why varying the acidity of the dyebath affects the final colourDiscuss all chemical processes that occur at a molecular level. You will need to research this section. Include all references in proper format (e.g APA), and quote sourced material appropriately (don’t plagiarize! no word for word copying from sources!). You should include in-text citations for facts. Make sure you proofread your work (or have someone proofread it for you), for spelling and grammatical errors (most common errors: not indenting paragraphs, using it’s incorrectly [it’s= it is]). Also make sure you write an introductory paragraph, and a concluding paragraph, and do not use ‘I’ or any personal points of view.


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