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Does organization need re-structuring or expansion?

CONTENT: Take your third graded composition, the Comparative or Contrasting Essay, and write an advanced revision, which involves significant expansion, careful compression, and some innovative stylistic improvements. Does your essay need a sharper (or expanded) focus/thesis/claim? Should you now both compare and contrast? Add more details, examples, explanation, descriptiveness, analysis. Does organization need re-structuring or expansion? Include the more advanced elements of style, such as sentence-combining, parallel construction, adjective-noun combinations, vivid and distinctive wording. While writing on the same topic, make enough changes to justify a new read and an additional grade; in other words, alter and improve the composition on an essential level. STYLE: When writing at the college level, style is always a consideration. Not only should you be clear, but your word choice, sentence structure, and overall expression should be somewhat involved. Use precise, descriptive wording. Combine sentences when effective. Have variety in sentence types, sentence beginnings, word order, and punctuation. Most of your nouns could have/should have an adjective for specificity, descriptiveness, nuance, or texture.

Try for stylistic precision and efficiency, while also being both fluent and elegant. The best style is a distinctive one—one that stands out when compared to twenty or so other writers. ACCURACY: You need to be sure to proofread your draft very carefully so that your expression is consistent to accurate American English standards. Double check spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure. FORMAT: Your final draft should be double-spaced and MLA formatted. Attach a correct and complete Works Cited (only if necessary, if you have borrowed from and relied on outside sources). Refer to the style manual and to Purdue Owl, Research & Citation, MLA Style. SUBMISSION: The Revision itself must be MLA formatted (and documented, if necessary). When you submit the essay, you should then receive an email through D2L that confirms the successful submission. Thereafter, expect a grade and feedback through D2L within a week’s time.

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