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Discussion questions: 200 words minimumIdentify the six dimensions of religion as noted in the first chapter. Do not copy the explanations directly.

Discussion questions: 200 words minimum

Identify the six dimensions of religion as noted in the first chapter. Do not copy the explanations directly. Describe them in your own words as if you were trying to tell a friend. Then, explain how these six dimensions exist in one of the example tribes noted in the second chapter. When you choose a tribe and do your analysis, provide details and examples that clearly meet the definition of the dimension you are discussing. How do you feel after being able to see an indigenous religion with these new dimensions?

Explain the five cardinal virtues of Jains and compare them to key Sikh ethics. Explain at least two main differences and two important similarities in how these faithful people live. Pay particular attention to how one embraces ritual and tradition and the other one is suspicious of it. Be able to elaborate on that contrast as you draw out the different views of how one lives a meaningful life in each tradition.

Shintoism and Zoroastrianism have a good deal in common and also eye-opening differences the further you read about each religion. Identify the similarities between how Ahura Mazda and the sun goddess in Shinto function in each religion? Explain why each faith has such a strong emphasis on the purity of man’s heart but not necessarily his conduct, and how one maintains that purity in each tradition. Be sure you are providing good examples from your reading.

Christianity and Islam share many similarities. In your own words, describe in detail at least two similarities. Go beyond the obvious and really search out the faiths. Then, in contrast, identify two ways these faiths differ and why those differences exist. Finally, why does each have so many different denominations and faiths? Name some of the differences in denominations in each faith.

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