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Discussion Prompt: One of the ideas to improve medical care


Discussion Prompt: 

One of the ideas to improve medical care is a universal medical smart card that contains all the information needed for any medical registration system. What are the advantages of having a card like this? What would be some of the disadvantages? How would EHRs system have to adapt to use cards like this?

Purpose: Electronic health records have the goal of supporting effective patient care. Two factors that impact the EHR are interoperability and privacy. A personal smart card will have an impact on both factors. 

Criteria: The discussion response should be a complete paragraph, which includes a topic sentence (main idea), a body sentence (an example, a clarification, contextual or supporting detail), and a wrap-up sentence (next steps, recommended action). 

See Writing a Paragraph for clarification. 

*Respond to two other responses 

Note: comments and responses to posts do not have to be a paragraph. 

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