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Discussion 1How do you plant to foster strong and caring

Discussion 1

How do you plant to foster strong and caring relationships within your classroom between students and teacher, and students with each other?  What types of strategies do you plan to implement to optimize these relationships and a sense of a classroom community.

Discussion 2

When a student “misbehaves” we as educators must respond.   The way each of us view the actual behavior and how we think it should be responded to is often a function or our own philosophical framework and experience.  As teachers it is essential that we view these student behaviors more broadly, not just viewing the student as the problem.

Analyzing the student behavior and  understanding potential contributory factors that could be causing behavioral issues could inform us as to how be part of the solution.  Take a look at the key factors below we could explore, as we help all students demonstrate behaviors that support the creation of a safe and supportive classroom and school environment.

1.Adult-student relationships

2.Student-student relationships


4.Instructional methods,

5.How behavior expectations are taught

6.How behavior errors are responded to

Pick three of these factors and explain how an educator could incorporate them into his or her analysis of the problem.  Explain how analyzing these factors could be part of the solution to assist a student presenting behavioral challenges within your classroom. 

Discussion 3

Please watch this video and jot down any noteworthy events either from the students or the teacher in this classroom.   In your opinion were all or most of the students engaged all or most of the time?  What evidence do you have for that?  How does this compare with your own classroom or your vision of your future classroom?  Are there any strategies observed here that you might consider within you own classroom setting?   What do you see in this video as advantages or disadvantages of each in terms of student learning and student development?  

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