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Description: Individual Report in 2 parts: Empathic and Critical Listening,

 Description: Individual Report in 2 parts: Empathic and Critical Listening, and Language as a Cause of miscommunication across 

 Please find below written instructions for Task 1.3. 

1- Please start with a brief introduction. 

Part A.

 – Please critically compare and contrast empathic and critical listening. I would like you to use examples from your personal experience or research to support your arguments. 

– Please design a set of guidelines for evaluating speaker’s message but also note when it would be fitting to withhold judgment. Please make sure that your suggested guidelines are well structured and justified.

 – Please give examples of four types of nonverbal behaviour and summarize the importance of each in a specific organization or career field. Please make sure that you demonstrate the significance of non-verbal behaviour by providing examples from a specific organization or field that you are familiar with or you do have personal experience. 

Part B. 

– Please explain why language is often a cause of miscommunication across cultures.  

– Think of the diverse internal business environments

 – What can international managers do to minimize communication problems that stem from language difference? Please provide examples of strategies to overcome common barriers to effective communication in the contemporary organisational context. Here you will need to act as a consultant and suggest ways for international managers to deal with communication issues that stem from language difference. 

– Reflect on your own experience when possible. Do not forget to mention the contemporary organisational context. How the current pandemic and online work affected communication?

 2. Please use a brief conclusion. It will add value to your assignment. 

3. The word limit is 2000.( 10% Rule applies) 

4. Please do not forget to add your bibliographical references. I will suggest that you need in text citations to enhance the quality of your work. As always please let me know if you need any further information 

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