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CSIA 310 Project 1 – IR Manual Part 1 v2

Procedure 3: Windows 10 Control Panel & Windows Settings Tools

This procedure will be used to instruct incident responders in the use of the Windows 10 Control Panel and Windows Settings tools to manage programs, applications, and operating system features for Windows 10 endpoint devices.

Identify appropriate sources of information and instructions for using Programs and Features (accessed via Control Panel; also see “Apps & Features” accessed via Windows Settings) and Update and Security (accessed via Windows Settings). Using your identified sources, research the procedures required to perform the following tasks:

Turn Windows 10 Features On or Off

Modify, Repair, or Uninstall a program or application from a Windows 10 system

Control Installation of Updates for Windows 10

Control Installation of Updates for Windows 10 Applications

Identify and research how the Programs and Features, Apps & Features, and Update and Security tools could be used during the incident response and recovery process. Typical uses include:

Turn off undesired (or “vulnerable”) Windows features, e.g. location services or remote access

Turn off features to implement a containment strategy

Remove unauthorized or undesirable (vulnerable) programs

Remove unwanted changes to operating system utilities or features, applications software, and/or patches / updates

Manually apply updates (“patches”) for installed programs

Write a guidance document that identifies the tool, explains the capabilities it provides, and then lists and briefly describes the recommended uses identified under item #2. Add a list of resources that can be consulted for additional information. Next, summarize the procedures required to perform the tasks listed under item #1 (do not provide step-by-step instructions). Close your guidance document with a Notes / Warnings / Restrictions section that answers the question “Is there anything else the incident responder needs to be aware of when using this tool?” 

Finalize Your Deliverable

Using the grading rubric as a guide, refine your incident response guidance. Your final products (incident response procedures) should be suitable for inclusion in the Sifers-Grayson Incident Responder’s Handbook. Remember that, even though you are submitting your work in a single file, you are preparing stand-alone guidance documents. FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE.

As appropriate, cite your sources using footnotes or another appropriate citation style.

Use the resources section to provide information about recommended readings and any sources that you cite. Use a standard bibliographic format (you may wish to use APA since this is required in other CSIA courses). Information about sources and recommended readings, including in-text citations, should be formatted consistently and professionally.

Use the required template file: Template_for_IR_Manual.docx This file is set up to provide the required title page and three incident response guidance documents.   

Your file must start with a title page which lists the following information:

Title of Assignment (Project #1: Incident Response Manual Part 1)

Due Date

Your Name

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