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Please answer all the questions highlighted in yellow, with supporting evidences such as screenshots. Answering the questions requires creating a worksheet in Microsoft Excel that keeps tracks of basic expenses and then charts those expenses.


 Electronic file: 646_yourname_assignment1.doc  Electronic file: 646_yourname_assignment 1.xlsx (your messy working excel file)

 Submit all files through Assignment link, before next Monday. Late submission penalty will be applied. OBJECTIVE You’ll create a couple different chart types and modify the data that the chart is based on. You’ll learn quickly that it’s easy to visualize basic data, and that visualizations can help you quickly see differences in your underlying data. Activity 1: Create a Table of Data in Excel You will create a workbook and then add data in Microsoft Excel.

Create a workbook 1. Click New Blank Workbook to create your first Workbook. It will appear like this: 2. Add four column headers in row 1. Name them Place, Item, Price and Date 3. Add a few rows of data under your column headings to simulate some things you could imagine spending on things. 4. You can format your table using the toolbar in excel. Try bolding your column headings & formatting the price column as currency. Here’s an example of a worksheet with this data: Place Item Price Date Grocery Store Sandwich $5.00 2/19/2017 Movie Theater Ticket $7.50 2/21/2017 Gas Station Gasoline $22.00 2/21/2017 Grocery Store Candy $6.00 2/22/2017 Activity 2: Create a Chart in Excel You will create your first chart in Excel. Chart your data 1. Complete activity 1 above. You’ll need a worksheet with some data to create a chart. 2. Select Columns B and C, and then click Column on the Insert tab of the Excel toolbar, and choose one of the 2-D Column chart types. Here’s an image that shows the columns selected, and the Column icon selected: 3. After you click the Column icon, your column chart will be automatically added to your worksheet. Notice how easy it is to see in the chart the prices of your items relative to each other! Question 1: Please copy and paste the column chart automatically added.


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