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CISC Annual Reports

Assignment 3 Research paper on CISC Annual Reports T

opic: Each year Criminal Intelligence Services Canada (CISC) issues a national report on Organized Crime in Canada. The purpose of the report is to inform and educate the Canadian public. The report also seeks to make the effects of Organized Crime visible and of concern to every community and region in Canada. Law enforcement needs Canadians to recognize the effects of Organized Crime on their communities, and, together with law enforcement, take a stand against it.

The CISC has identified eight national policy priorities in the fight against Organized Crime: 1. illegal drugs 2. outlaw motorcycle gangs 3. economic crimes 4. high-tech crime 5. money laundering 6. illegal migration and trafficking in human beings 7. corruption 8. street gangs Instructions: Select three (3) of the above national priorities. For each of the three priorities you have selected, outline the changes that have occurred over the past three to five years. In certain cases, you may need to go back several more years, or perhaps fewer years, to prove your case. The important point is that you prove your case. Your research paper will need to present your understanding as to why, in your opinion, these changes have occurred (if they have occurred). Write your explanation and your reasons for forming the opinion you have. Be sure to document your arguments with appropriate references. Note that each of the Annual Reports contains a Feature Focus section that highlights a component of Organized Crime. For example, in 2006 the Feature Focus was on Street Gangs, in 2007 it was Illegal Firearms, and in 2008 it was Identity Theft. Depending on the national policy priorities you have selected, you may wish to use this material in your paper.

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