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Book review: Aid and Development

 Description Book review on ‘Aid and Development’ by Myles Wickstead Subject: Critical Reasoning Your review will need to address a series of questions about aspects of the book, such as its main argument, connection to development, argumentative and writing style (see below). There might be multiple major arguments that run through the book. In this case, choose the major argument that is most related to ‘development’, briefly explain your choice, and write your book review accordingly. You should consider the writing of your review as involving two inter-linked processes of (a) developing your own argument about the book you have read and (b) making and elaborating on that argument in your written paper. Keep in mind the following questions as you compose your book review: ❖ Why did the author write this book? What’s the context? ❖ What is/are the main argument(s) of the book? Why have you chosen to focus on the argument you have chosen? How is that argument related to ‘development’? ❖ What are the major premises that support the main argument you are focusing on? ❖ Is the reasoning largely inductive, deductive, or a mix of both? Offer a few examples. ❖ Does the author commit any rhetorical fallacies that undermine the argument? ❖ What is your final assessment of the argument: is it rationally persuasive for you? How about other audiences? ❖ Is the writing style convincing? Does it make the argument more or less persuasive overall? ❖ Would you recommend this book to your colleagues? Why or why not?

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