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BCOR 380 Assignment # 2

Step 1: Match the first letter of your family name with the thirteen issues identified below.  This will constitute your assigned area of research.  Under each are dozens of sub-topics; thus you will have a wide latitude of subjects.


        A – B Bullying in the Workplace             C – D Corporate Social Responsibility                           E – F Ethics in Finance     

        G – H Hostile work environment            I – J Discrimination                                                            K – L Bullying in the Workplace

        M – N Ethics in Marketing                       O – P Privacy Rights                                                          Q – R Whistle blowing

        S – T Sustainability                                    U – V Ethical Issues in Corporate Governance             W – X Social Contract 

        Y – Z Executive Compensation issues


Step 2: Mark your calendar with your own interim deadlines for this assignment.  You will lose 5 point a day for lateness. E-campus often crashes or is closed for maintenance on late evenings.  Don’t wait until the last day due.


Step 3: Find a Journal article that relates to your assigned topic.

1.  Go to:

2.  Click on: Databases – Databases by Subject

3.  Click on: Business (under B)

4.  In the list that opens you will find many links to Business Journals. 

5. Open JSTOR as a one of the better for business and professional ethics; a search box appears.

6. Type in your assigned research topic and find and an article that interests you.


Step 4:  Extract from your chosen journal article all that is needed to do the steps that follow.


Step 5: Create a Word document and give it a heading as follows in bold type:

The Title of Your Paper (use 16pt. type bold)

Assignment Two – BCOR 380 (use 14pt. type bold)

Your Name (use 14pt. type bold

February 11, 2019 (use 12pt. type bold)


Step 6: Outline the article using a minimum of 750 words, in 12 pt. Times-Roman with 1.15 spacing, to present the following line of thought:

1. What is the author’s or authors’ objective?  For example: is it to offer a solution to a problem; make a comparison; provide a history of a problem; support a social point of view; etc.

2.  What are the primary points made by the author?

3.  What is your own view on the issue as presented?



Step 7: Revisit your paper to see that all the above parts are present and adequately addressed.  Check for spelling or grammar errors.  Make sure the word count is met.


Step 8: Visit APA Citation and Referencing under Course Content to properly cite your paper.   


Step 9: Submit your paper only as a Word document (never as PDF) no later than Monday, February 11, 2019 at the Turnitin link under COURSE CONTENT titled: Paper 2.  Late submissions will lose points per diem at the rate of five points per day.


Step 10: Print a copy of your paper to be turned in as well.  To avoid questions regarding completion, papers are to be turned in both at the Turnitin link and in paper form at the end of a class.


Step 11: Allow ten days for grading due to the fact that your professor has well over 400 students.  If you do not receive all 50 points and you wonder why, see your professor during office hours for a review.

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