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AM804001 Project Management Assessment 2 – Project Management Plan

•The objective of the project management approach is to define the project management methodologies that will be used on the project. 

•The approach should be based on the project management framework but should also include reference to the iterative development or prototyping methodologies that will be utilised.

•It is important to provide enough description of the approach but the description should not be too detailed it should also be noted if any specific or general approach will be used.


Assessment Overview

This is the second of two assessments for this course and it is based on the case study used in assessment # 1. For this assessment you will develop a project management plan, using a suitable methodology for an approved specific topic, producing a plan to a professional standard that applies estimation techniques and the development of a full planning and scheduling process in a professional software package.


Conditions of Assessment

This is an individual assessment, that you will complete in your learner-managed time, however, your teacher will provide opportunities during class time for clarification, guidance, collaborative working opportunities, and group discussion. While you will work in a group for an aspect of this assignment, this work is assessed individually on your own performance and evidence. All work must be completely your own and all literature used must be referenced appropriately using APA 6th edition. In order to pass this course you must achieve a cumulative grade of at least 50%, across assessment one and two.


Learning Outcome(s) Assessed

3. Critically apply estimation techniques and develop planning and scheduling processes to minimise costs and risks for this project.


Please see your course outline for guidelines around resubmission and extensions.



To prepare for this assessment you will need to use one of the case studies provided in assessment 1. Your chosen project will need to give you the scope to meet the requirements of this task and must be relevant for an Iwi/Māori organisation.


For this assessment you will apply a project management methodology as the basis for your project management plan. Apply estimation techniques and develop planning and scheduling processes to minimise costs and risks for this project. Develop a project management plan based on your findings above.

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