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All questions are worth 20 points. What are some major

All questions are worth 20 points.

  1. What are some major problems with implementing the ideas of a human service model of employee supervision in criminal justice organizations? How do you think employees would react to such a supervision model?
  2. What type of supervisor do most employees like to work for?  Would they select a traditional, innovative, or supportive supervisor? Do you believe that employee personalities may influence what type of supervisor is favored?
  3. Describe the role of a probation officer. What are the norms and values associated with this work? Include those that can be regarded as legitimate, as well as, those regarded as illegitimate. What are the sources of these norms and values? How do education, training and the work experience influence them?
  4. What are some of the biases that would underlie a police officer’s discretionary decision whether or not to make an arrest? What biases or beliefs do you possess that would impact your decision to make an arrest or to release the offender?
  5. Describe the role of ethics in a criminal justice organization. Why do incidences of corruption occur? How can administrators reduce the number of ethical violations?


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