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5 Proposal on Assessment of Needs of Clients


Proposal on Assessment of Needs of Clients

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Proposal on Assessment of Needs of Clients

The suggested initiative will investigate women suffering from postpartum depression’s necessities and formulate a plan of action for their well-being. This research will study postpartum depressive needs and outline an approach to enhance their health. The aim of this project is clients and families. This project will support the clients’ need identification and a plan for health.


About 10-15% of new moms experience postpartum depression (Smorti et al., 2019). Sadness, depression, anxiety, and loss of interest in oneself or the infant are PPD symptoms. PPD can severely impact mother and child health. Studies demonstrate that PPD increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular illness in women (Nayak et al., 2021). Interpersonal issues and poor child connection are also common. Children’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral development might be affected by PPD. Many women with severe PPD do not receive the treatment and support they need. This can be caused by postpartum depression (PPD) ignorance, mental health stigma, or limited therapies (Nayak et al., 2021). Raising awareness of PPD and developing and implementing therapies to improve maternal health in those affected is vital.

The Project Goal

This will assess PPD-affected women’s needs. Additionally, qualitative client health evaluation and health needs will be examined in relation to PPD prevalence and effect statistics. Individual counseling will help clients identify their requirements and create a health improvement plan (Chrzan-Dętkoś et al., 2022). The review would also summarize PPD studies and suggest future study. A qualitative analysis of consumer health attitudes and current data will be conducted (Chrzan-Dętkoś et al., 2022). In-depth interviews and focus groups with postpartum depressed mothers could be employed in this regard. After assessing her needs, the client will receive one-on-one counseling to create her health promotion program. Psychologists specializing in counseling women with PPD will lead these sessions (Chrzan-Dętkoś et al., 2022). Evidence-based therapies utilized in client-specific sessions include cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and medication. A self-care, stress management, and PPD symptom management plan will be created during treatment to promote client health. The project aims to support PPD-diagnosed women, improve their health, and empower them to manage their mental health.

The Target Audience

This study focuses on Postpartum Depression (PPD) women and their families. They get major mental health issues immediately after having birth. The project needs a thorough evaluation and customized solutions to meet their demands. The program also recognizes the need of including family members in the support system for afflicted women. Focusing on this group will raise awareness of PPD, reduce stigma, and improve health outcomes for postpartum depressed women, creating an enabling atmosphere for healing.

Expected Outcomes

The client should be able to define her needs and create a health improvement plan after this project. This plan may involve treatment, medication, support groups, and lifestyle changes. The project will also reveal the client’s health thoughts and wants, which will inform future actions.


This concept takes a holistic approach to analyzing postpartum depression patients’ requirements and improving their health. Through client and family involvement in the evaluation process, the project will gather useful data to build effective and focused interventions.


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