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3/7/24, 2:36 PM SLP – HRM402 Training and Development (2024MAR04FT-1)1/2Module 1 – SLPTRAINING OVERVIEW; ADDIE MODEL; ANALYSIS & DESIGNIn this 2- to

3/7/24, 2:36 PM SLP – HRM402 Training and Development (2024MAR04FT-1)


Module 1 – SLP


In this 2- to 3-page essay assignment, you will address the
following learning outcome:

Identify the ways the instructional designers can develop courses
that have elements of equity, diversity, and inclusion for learners
from all backgrounds.

Bring in at least two valid and reliable high-quality peer-reviewed
sources found in the Trident Online Library. These two high-quality
sources are in addition to your provided course materials. (Be sure
to cite sources within the text of your paper as well as list each in
the Reference section.)

As you select two outside high-quality sources for SLP 1, you may
find the following helpful to determine which sources to include:

Herring, J. E. (2011). Chapter 3: Evaluating websites, Figure 3.1, p.
38. In Improving students’ web use and information literacy: a guide
for teachers and teacher librarians. Facet Publishing. Available in
the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection.

Lack, C. W., & Rousseau, J. (2016). Chapter 4: What is critical
thinking? In Critical thinking, science, and pseudoscience: Why we
can’t trust our brains. Springer Publishing Company. Available in
the Trident Online Library, EBSCO eBook Collection.

See the following for citation and reference style instructions:


3/7/24, 2:36 PM SLP – HRM402 Training and Development (2024MAR04FT-1)


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Purdue University. (n.d.). Purdue Writing Lab.

Also see the Trident guide to APA Style, 7th edition.

Excellent resource for this assignment:

Super, L., Hofmann, A., Leung, C., Ho, M., Harrower, E., Adreak,
N., & Manesh, Z. R. (2020, November 24). Fostering equity,
diversity, and inclusion in large, first‐year classes: Using reflective
practice questions to promote universal design for learning in
ecology and evolution lessons. Ecology and Evolution. Open
Access. Wiley.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your 2- to 3-page paper will be evaluated using the criteria as
stated in the SLP rubric. The following is a review of the rubric

1. Meets assignment requirements

2. Critical thinking

3. Writing and assignment organization

4. Use of sources and mechanics

5. Timeliness of assignment

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