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1. What is a Botnet? (1 point) 2. In this

1. What is a Botnet? (1 point) 

2. In this class you tinkered with an IDS, Snort. Name 5 IDS alternatives. (1 point) 

3. International efforts to support Ukrainian cyber defense  (3 points):  
Table 1 on this website (
international-support-to-ukrainian-cyber-defense-pub-88322) lists 6 such effort areas.
Chose any 3 and write a 100-word technical description for each. 

4. Cyber Threat Intelligence Analysis (1 point each, total 5 points):
a. You are a cyber threat analyst at an organization. Right now, most of your
organization employees are working remotely. Your Chief Information Security
Officer (CISO) needs your help vetting the current breath of communications
technology offerings. She wants you to compile a list of known vulnerabilities in
Zoom, Cisco WebEx, and Microsoft Teams. (you have to compile a list of known vulnerabilities in these specific tools. )
b. Given these known vulnerabilities which one will you recommend? Provide a
security related reason for your choice.
c. After receiving your recommendations, she also wants to you to identify and
compile a list of websites/resources, where official patch notes for these
communications’ technology offerings are available.  
d. Investigate the contents and timings of these patch notes. What details are
e. Should these patch notes influence your previous recommendation? Do you
want to change your recommendation?  

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