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1. How is Racism used as a way to control

1.  How is Racism used as a way to control the behavior of white people?

In the video, Robin Kelley says something that really confused me he says, “The purpose of racism is to control the behavior of white people, not black people.” When I heard and talked about racism, I always thought of it as a system that enabled white people to keep their power and have black people be stripped of their rights and be treated as nothing but what Robin Kelley says in his presentation is kind of the opposite. What do you guys think about this quote and can you help understand what he means by this?

2.  During the Industrial Revolution why was working in factories dangerous?

In lecture 2 of week 6 it went over the Industrial revolution and how Europe was becoming modern society. In the video it went over how there was child labor, low paying jobs, no overtime so why did people continue working in. those favorites even if it was dangerous and can kill you?

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