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1. Choose one, current Supreme Court justice, and provide a


1. Choose one, current Supreme Court justice, and provide a biography of significant events in the justice’s life 

2. Discuss the political labels placed on the justice,

3. Discuss of whether or not that political label is accurate

4. Provide an analysis of the judge’s philosophy on constitutional issues. 

5. Examine where the justice of your choice originated and major life events which may shape her/his views when deciding a matter of national importance.

6. Analyze whether or not it is appropriate for justices to use their real-life, prior experiences in their interpretations of the law. 



Spohn, C., & Hemmens, C. (2012).  Courts: A text/reader  (2nd ed.). Sage.

  • Section I: Introduction: Courts and Case Processing
  • Section II: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives on Courts

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